FDA Ruling Threatens Largest U.S. Vape Hardware Manufacturer

Making of a ProVari-1
ProVape Could be One of Thousands of Small Business that Will Likely Shut Down
As a Result of the FDA’s New E-Cigarette Regulations

Monroe, WA – May 12, 2016 – ProVape, maker of the ProVari and the largest vape hardware company in the U.S., will be one of thousands of small businesses that will end up closing its doors as a result of the FDA’s new e-cigarette regulations.

Founded in 2009 by David Flagg and Philipp Schuessler, ProVape has shipped over 450,000 devices to 67 countries all over the world. While the vast majority of vaping devices are made in China, ProVari devices are designed by former aerospace and military engineers and made in the U.S. using primarily U.S.-made components and electronics.

Flagg says the FDA’s ruling puts millions of people who successfully switched from smoking to vaping at risk of returning to cigarettes.

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First Look: ProVari Radius


Although ProVape has always been in the market of tube mod production and high quality e-Liquid, consumers have been asking for something different. With a reputation for being #1 in the industry, ProVape decided to create a box mod that will withstand the test of time. The ProVari Radius is a box mode with a different look and updated features, yet has the same tried and true craftsmanship that is represented in every product that is manufactured in their facility.

Every ProVape product is built to last, utilizing only the best quality materials. Each Radius is made of high quality polycarbonate and stainless steel to withstand potentially harsh conditions and treatment…not that you would ever mistreat your device.

You will not find a better product out there, no matter how long you search. Let’s take a look at some of the new capabilities and what they mean to you.

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Your Personal Vaporizer Deserves Some TLC


As in any healthy relationship, it is important to remember that your personal vaporizer deserves some TLC. The delicate inner components of the vaporizer deserve to know that you care and are willing to do something about it! On the off chance that you don’t particularly care about remaining sensitive to your device, here are some other great reasons to clean it:

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Choosing Your Vaporizer Tank


As an experienced vaper, you know that vaping is so much more than simply inhaling from a tube. While the action creates a pleasurable sensation, there are tweaks and innovations which can help create a Nirvana-like vaping experience. For instance, choosing an extra-large tank will infuse a convenience factor into the overall process and allow for longer usage.

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Tips to Increase Your Personal Vaporizer’s Battery Life

extend your batter life

Personal vaporizers are a satisfying smoking alternative to other forms of nicotine. While enjoying this great alternative, you may forget about its battery life. There have been huge changes in the way batteries have been made in past years. While each model is getting better, improper use can damage even the best battery, causing many problems such as low performance. With these tips, however, you can save money, time and the life of your battery.

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Getting Started: 5 Tips for New Vapers

Vaping has now become not only accepted, it is popular and vape stores are in every neighborhood.  It seems incongruous that once upon a time people looked at the signs and asked, “What’s a vape?”  With its boom in popularity, naturally there have been innovations of newer and better e-liquids and equipment for the user.

While enjoying a vape, it’s also important to monitor your E-liquid closely and keep the nicotine fluid away from children and pets as nicotine is dangerous. One should remember that in liquid form, it could seep through your skin if spilled.

The following are a few additional tips for those new to vaping and for others who consider themselves experienced enough that they may get a little lax in their hygiene and vape applications.

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The Difference between Cigarettes and eCigs


Many eCig connoisseurs are former cigarette smokers who transitioned to vaping because of its perceived benefits. While health advantages have yet to be proven, there is a clear difference in the quality and consistency of the puff each offers. Those who have smoked both cigarettes and e-Cigs have repeatedly noticed a stark contrast in the pull that each one offers. A simple Google search can unveil the science behind the smoking.

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Find Good Vape Shops Near You


Vape shops are popping up in cities and towns throughout America, allowing vapers to enjoy the vast benefits of eCigs. There’s only one problem, the e-Cig industry is still burgeoning so venues to purchase e-liquids simply aren’t as well known as they should be. Perhaps it’s because of stigmas against promoting vaping, or maybe the industry just isn’t as big as it will eventually be. Regardless of the reason, many readers have contacted us looking for help finding Vape shops in their region and we want to help! There are several ways to find just the store you’re looking for.

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The Value of E-Liquid Certification

eliquid certification

We all love vaping and one of the best parts is trying out all the varieties of e-liquid!

From lush sweet flavors to fruity vapors, the industry has the e-liquid for everyone’s preference. One thing we should all mind though is the genesis of these liquids. An often overlooked aspect of choosing an e-liquid is where it was actually made and who was involved in its cultivation.

Though it may be tempting to try an e-liquid that’s not certified, it’s a potentially perilous proposition. Ask yourself why an e-liquid isn’t certified. Is it being cultivated safely? Are they not storing the liquid safely? Are they using controversial chemicals? An “organic e-liquid” sounds good but it may be just the opposite.

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Reflecting on the Vaping Voyage

vape voyage

People are constantly striving to reach new goals and set new sights for new accomplishments. People just want to feel and be successful in their life journey; to demonstrate their high standards of accomplishments at the top.

The Journey for the Best Vape

The journey to become the best is sometimes more satisfying than the end results. The steps taken to accomplish something grandiose and move from one phase to the next is what makes an accomplishment worthwhile. Knowing how and why you arrived at your goal is often the element that provides the satisfaction. This journey taken by ProVape is the reason why the product keeps changing and striving to stay the best. It’s the journey that matters most to the team and every next step takes us to the new goals that are set with an ever present quest to make things better for the vaping community.

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